Between Earth and sea

Tropical Escape

Sea side, you will have the pleasure to enjoy two somptuous beaches at 250m, the beach of Petit Bas-Vent, typical of the leeward coast, deserted and wild, where the sea is given in spectacle with thousands of rollers breaking on the red sand, and on the other side of the cliff, sheltered from the wind and the current, the furnished beach of the hotel Fort Royal, offering under beautiful coconut trees, deckchairs and a swimming pool in front of the sea calm and turquoise. This beautiful place is open to the public and you can admire beautiful sunsets while sipping a tasty cocktail.

Garden side

Located between land and sea, our four pretty Creole bungalows are surrounded by a large and beautiful tropical garden adorned with the most beautiful varieties of plants: Coconut palms, Banana trees, Prickly pear, Aloe vera, Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Frangipani, Palm trees of all kinds,
Bamboos, Birds of Paradise, Alpinia, Heliconia, which will create a green setting for you to rest.
At any time during the day, our swimming-pool and carbet, freely accessible, will allow you to relax with your family or your friends.
You can also share a diner around a barbecue.

Bungalows side

Nestled in this garden, our bungalows have been designed to bring you quiet, comfort and pleasure,
thanks to a carefull decoration, quality furniture, and top quality bedding …
In front of your bungalow a private garden surrounded by a barrier of vegetation will offer you independence and privacy during your stay.

We will be happy to advise you during your stay in Baz’Créole.

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